IFLAS Open Lecture: Mike Berners-Lee - There is no Planet B

Percival Lecture Theatre Rydal Road, Ambleside LA22 9BB Ambleside


There Is No Planet B: A handbook for the Make or Break Years


Here we are, suddenly, in the age in which humans can no longer get away with treating the world as a robust playground. Clearly we must radically improve the quality of our stewardship.  Feeding the world, climate, biodiversity, antibiotics, plastics, population – the list of interlocking looming crises seems endless: They turn out to be reassuringly solvable from a technical perspective. We even have the chance to live better than ever if only we can we avoid blundering into disaster. But what will it take for us to start doing what is required?  And given the global nature of the challenge, what can any of us do to help create the global system change that we so urgently need.

Mike is talk from his latest book; a tour of the challenges and solutions, from the science and technology, through deeper, underlying issues, right through to our values and our capacity to think in the ways that are new context demands of us.

Mike is the founder of Small World Consulting, an associate company of Lancaster University, which works with organisations from tech giants to supermarkets. Small World is a leader in the field of carbon metrics and their use.

He is a professor at Lancaster University’s Institute for Social Futures, where his research includes sustainable food systems and carbon metrics. He co-ordinates the Global Futures event series which are freely open to all and explore big global challenges in multidisciplinary ways.

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Percival Lecture Theatre Rydal Road, Ambleside LA22 9BB Ambleside