10th TEAN Annual Conference

Conference Aston, Aston University Campus, Birmingham B4 7ET Off-Campus


Helping students, lecturers and practitioners in education become the best professionals they can be

The TEAN conference offers an opportunity for colleagues to spend time together to share great practice and ideas. In a supportive and welcoming atmosphere you will be able to share ideas with an appreciative audience who will both encourage and challenge you.

If you are new to TEAN, you will find a conference which offers a range of highly interesting topics in an encouraging and supportive atmosphere. For those of you who have been to the TEAN conference before, we look forward to your company again this year. If you want to discuss an idea you would like to present, do not hesitate to contact us at TEAN; we are open to your ideas.

Our conference title for 2019 is: 

Celebrating the inspiration of the professional teacher educator

This title was inspired by discussions at both the 2017 and 2018 TEAN conferences where the theme of professionalism was a recurring leitmotiv, high on the agenda for both teachers and teacher educators. Lunenberg, Dengerink and Korthagen (2014:1) encourage us to remember that ‘it is important that teacher educators are able to function at a high professional level’. TEAN borrows their follow-up questions to this statement to present our theme ‘What does functioning at a high professional level mean? And how do teacher educators meet this requirement?’  ‘Celebrating the inspiration’ indicates the opportunity that the TEAN conference gives for you to share innovative practice and research, and indeed to celebrate the wealth of inspiration you bring to your professional role.

Lunenberg, M., Dengerink, J. and Kprthagen, F. (2014) The Professional Teacher Educator, New York: Springer

Keynote speakers:  We are delighted to welcome Dr Eline Vanassche ifrom the University of East London to give the opening keynote at this year’s TEAN conference. For our second keynote address, we are delighted to welcome Professor Linda Clarke from Ulster University.

The conference is aimed at all practitioners working in teacher education from the UK and beyond (international colleagues are most welcome), and all other agencies with a professional interest in teacher education. Our focus is on schools and we welcome school colleagues involved in teacher education, however, transferable knowledge from other sectors is most welcome and offers further enrichment of the conference content.

Venue: By popular request, the 2019 conference returns to Conference Aston in Birmingham city centre.

Event details

Conference Aston, Aston University Campus, Birmingham B4 7ET Off-Campus