Lightning Talks Series: What Students Learn on a Residential by Dr Chris Loynes


LED Research Centre

Lightning Talks Series: Research and talk presented by Dr Chris Loynes

What students learn on a residential, what teachers learn about students and what difference does it make back in school?

A comparative study of 8 primary school year 6 classes set out to discover if a residential experience without explicit embedded curriculum content impacted on attainment. The question was answered – and a lot more besides.

•             Breaking down knowledge into acquisition, understanding and application

•             The difference changing relationships with teachers makes – ‘I saw Miss in pyjamas!’

•             Engagement with learning changes post-residential

•             Learning is a social process

•             Teachers who accompany their classes ‘Learning Away’ re-assess their pupils’ personalities, capabilities, interests and abilities to learn

Central to all these themes is the opportunity for pupils to have more agency in their learning and for teachers to understand each pupil is on their own unique journey through the learning landscape.


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