Lightning Talks Series: A Shared-story Approaches by Dr Tracy Hayes


LED Research Centre

Lightning Talks Series: Interactive session run by Dr Tracy Hayes

Shared-story approaches: you tell me yours, and I’ll tell you mine…

In this interactive session we will look at the use of stories in research and teaching. This is relevant whatever your discipline. As we are reminded by Gordon MacLellan (2007, p.165):

"All our explanations can be seen as stories. Whether we call them myths, legends, fables or hard fact, they are all stories. Our most precious scientific processes are still stories: patterns spun to explain observations, rhythms of words that change and grow as our understanding changes and patterns that might help to explain what is going on around us."

We will take it in turns to share stories from our research and discuss the challenges and joys of using this type of approach. Please come prepared with either a short story from your research or a story you use in teaching.

If you would like to attend this session please email Linda Shore at