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'' - somewhere-nowhere

Vallum Gallery, University of Cumbria, CA3 9AW Carlisle - Brampton Road offers a series of pauses through a close observation of the nature and culture of land. The exhibition shares photographic images, poetry and installation work drawn from more than ten years exploring the elements that shape land and people, and contribute to a sense of place.

Harriet Fraser and Rob Fraser collaborate as somewhere-nowhere. Their work speaks of environmental and cultural issues in rural spaces, and reflects on a local-global system where everything is connected and balance can be elusive. Long walks and extended periods of time outdoors are a fundamental part of their practice, alongside interviews and hands-on research that provide insights into multiple perspectives on place. Harriet and Rob regularly collaborate with scientists, researchers and people whose work is intimately connected to the land, and contribute to broader discussions about environmental challenges of our time. They blend documentary with creativity and aim to provoke curiosity and questions, and inspire others to engage in debate. brings together a selection of work from 2012-2020, including large-format hand-printed photographic portraits from around the world and pieces from Land Keepers (2012-2015), The Long View (2015-2017), Voices from the Land (2015), Sailing Through Time (2018) and Our Common Cause (2018-2019). The exhibition also introduces fresh work from their current project, Sense of Here.

A public lecture will accompany the exhibition. Opening event details on The Vallum Gallery social media Facebook and Twitter. For more information on somewhere-nowhere’s work, see their website -


Exhibition: Mon 30 Mar - Fri 24 Apr 2020 October 10am - 4pm*

Free Entry

*closed Sundays

Event Details

Vallum Gallery, University of Cumbria, CA3 9AW Carlisle - Brampton Road

'' - somewhere-nowhere art exhibition