Laser Applications In The Nuclear Industry

ENERGUS, Workington, Cumbria Workington

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Partnering with Association of Industrial Laser Users

Partnering with the Association of Industrial Laser Users (AILU), both AILU and UoC created this event to provide insight into the latest developments in laser use which could offer a real step change in processes such as decommissioning, and inspire new networks and collaborations between business and academia to enable progress towards safer, faster and cheaper processes for the nuclear industry.

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Workshop Chair: Jon Blackburn, The Welding Institute

Over the past two decades, AILU has supported the adoption of industrial laser technology by a wide range of industry sectors. Laser cutting, welding, and surfacing systems are now common proven systems in industry; with organisations adopting laser technology because of its ability to perform automated, high quality and high throughput processes often in remote difficult to access high hazard locations.

Industrial lasers are not the first technology that come to mind when you think of the nuclear sector. However, there are selected examples of industrial laser applications in the nuclear sector for several decades - principally, for the fabrication and sealing of containers. With the developments in laser technologies over the past decade, and the significant challenges faced by nuclear decommissioning, there are a number of emerging opportunities for the nuclear sector to leverage the benefits of this technology.

This Continuing Professional Development (CPD) workshop will give an overview of laser technology in the nuclear sector, with a focus on a range of emerging applications; including, size reduction, decontamination and fabrication applicable to manufacturing, maintenance and decommissioning processes.

University of Cumbria's Prof Andy Gale will start the session with an overview of Digital Transformation and Technology Transfer, outlining University of Cumbria's Anchor role in the implementation of the UK Gov & Cumbria’s Industrial Strategy.


09:00 - 09:15 Welcome from Workshop Chair, Jon Blackburn, TWI

09:15 - 14:55 Presentations (with refreshments and lunch break)

14:55 - 15:25 Discussion Forum followed by refreshments

15:25 -16:30 Tour of the National College for Nuclear Virtual Reality Suite (optional)

Presentation Schedule

The big picture - digital transformation and technology transfer

Andy Gale (University of Cumbria)

Application of lasers to solve decommissioning challenges at Sellafield

Chris Hope (Sellafield)

Potential laser applications in the nuclear industry

Lin Li (University of Manchester)

Laser based methods for dismantling and decontamination of nuclear power plants

Oliver Meier (Laser on Demand, Germany)

Laser welding in a low pressure environment

Keith Lorenz (MTC)

Laser Size Reduction of Pressure Vessels

Ali Khan (TWI)

Laser scabbling of concrete surfaces

Mihail Petkovski (University of Sheffield)

Laser safety around nuclear decommissioning – a simple approach

David Lawton (Lasermet)

Remote handling and laser processing in fusion relevant applications

Keelan Keogh (UKAEA)

Successful development of lasers for size reducing Intermediate Level Waste (ILW) metallic items

Ian Pullin (Atkins)

The challenges of laser process automation in a nuclear environment

Tony Jones (Cyan Tec)

Why measure? - Benefits of laser beam diagnostics

Bjoern Kraemer (PRIMES, Germany)

“Univeristy of Cumbria have sponsored a 75% discount for end users in the nuclear industry and/or living in postcode area beginning ‘CA’ or ‘LA’. Please contact AILU Office (01235 539 595) to obtain this discount“.


ENERGUS, Workington, Cumbria Workington

A laser cutting through a steel tube.