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We are the University of Cumbria, a place where people are at the heart of all we do. Where enriching the lives of our students, staff and the communities we serve means we make a difference that goes beyond the classroom. We’re here to help you find your place with us.

What is midwifery?

Find out how you can get started as a student midwife and help to save lives, improve lives and change lives.

Accepting your Clearing Place

So you’ve got your exam results, called our Clearing call centre and got an offer for your dream course. Now what should you do?

How do you teach someone with SEND?

Everyone deserves a high standard of education, but not everyone is able to access the education that is available to them. This may be because of physical barriers, mental barriers or social/cultural barriers. Whatever the reason though, it’s vitally important that no one feels left out because of their individual situation. That’s where you come in.

Can robots be prosecuted for a crime?

Films such as ‘A Space Odyssey’ (2001), ‘I, Robot’ (2004) and ‘Ex Machina’ (2015) and so many more add to the excitement (for some) and worry (for others) of machines, synthetics and robots working alongside us, making our work more efficient through automation and machine learning capabilities.

5 Facts about Ambleside and the Lake District

Ambleside | The Heart of The Lake District

5 Facts about Fusehill Street and Carlisle

To celebrate our upcoming Autumn Open Days, we're focusing on each of our campuses and giving you 5 fun facts about their locations. Today we look at Fusehill Street...

5 Offbeat Facts about Cumbria

To celebrate our upcoming Virtual Open Day, we're focusing on each of our campuses and giving you 5 fun facts about their locations.Today we look at Cumbria as a whole...

5 Important Facts about Lancaster

To celebrate our upcoming Autumn Open Days, we're focusing on each of our campuses and giving you 5 fun facts about their locations. Today we look at Lancaster...

The Ghosts of Cumbria: A Halloween special

Celebrate Halloween with us by learning about the phantoms and monsters that inhabit our campuses.

How to become a nurse?

If you’re considering nursing for your future career and/or you’re unsure what field of nursing you want to go into, then the best way to start your journey is with a clear map of the road ahead.

How much do nurses get paid?

Nursing can be an extremely rewarding career with fantastic progression and earning prospects.

Why become a nurse?

Nursing is a graduate profession which requires you to not only develop competency in practice but also your knowledge and understanding of the evidence base which informs your care. It is a challenging yet rewarding career which provides you with a wealth of opportunities in very different care settings.

What skills and qualifications do you need to be a nurse?

Nurses are highly trained and committed members of the healthcare team who aid patient/client recovery and help change the lives of those in their care.

What is Psychology?

In a nutshell, psychology is the field of scientific study that focuses on the mind and human behaviour.

What jobs can you get with an Outdoors degree?

Whether you're considering going into a 'do it outdoors job', or you’re on your way to achieving your own outdoor degree, you might be wondering exactly what positions will be available to you.

How to write a good nursing personal statement for University

Write a brilliant personal statement to support your nursing application for University.

How to make a career change

So there’s something that you’re really passionate about and feel drawn towards turning into a career. A career change can be really tough and pretty daunting, however making that bold decision to take your life in a new direction in your 30’s, 40’s or even 50’s can be much easier than you think.

Top Tips for Meeting the UCAS Deadline

With the UCAS deadline for 2019 courses just over a week away (Tuesday 15th January), you may be starting to worry about your application. Is your personal statement good enough? Are you sure you’ll be happy at that university? Does your application effectively show what kind of student you are?

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy is a varied and rewarding career choice. An occupational therapy degree offers you a qualification with a wide range of flexibility and brilliant career prospects. Studying for a degree with the University of Cumbria will equip you with the knowledge and training to be able to pursue a career in any area of occupational therapy.

Guide to finance for student parents

Studying while being a parent is both challenging and rewarding. With more commitments than students who don’t have children, you need to make sure that you make things as simple for yourself as possible. This includes having all the financial support in place which you are entitled to.

What is Forestry?

Forestry is many things to many people and one of the major land use types in the UK. Woodland cover currently sits at 13% in the UK while only around 6% is described as urban or developed. This shows how important forestry is to land management in the UK.

Where can I learn to be a ‘wildlife cameraman'?

If you have a passion for media and discovering our natural world, studying wildlife media could be the perfect route into a rewarding career.

How to become a primary school teacher

Few careers combine a competitive salary, generous pension and the opportunity to be an inspiring role model for children. Obtaining a teaching qualification could be your first step to inspire and inform children during their primary education.

Why is quality game design so valuable?

The tension between creating quality content and getting work out the door has been part of the industry since time immemorial. But increasingly, it is games with a dynamic and innovative design that are winning out.

Creative Writing in the Lake District: An evocative literary landscape

When William Wordsworth wrote ‘O Nature! Thou hast fed/ My lofty speculations!’ he was referring to the beauty, mystery and wonder of the Lake District National Park, now a World Heritage Site.

Women in graphic design: A welcome trend

Women around the world are experiencing huge leaps forward in terms of gender equality. Last year saw iconic feminist-inspired movements take place around the world. The graphic design industry has proudly made a focused effort to encourage female talent including Paula Scher, Vanessa Eckstein and Jing Zhang.

Is it really possible to juggle work, family and study while at university?

Here are our top tips for juggling commitments in all the different aspects of your life as you embark on your university studies.

Why Cumbria is the perfect place to get Creative

With galleries, museums, festivals and an exciting and respected art scene right on its doorstep, The University of Cumbria is the perfect place to nurture your imagination and embark on your creative journey.

Encouraging potential and to never stop believing - The Emily Thompson Story

Army Reservist, outdoor instructor for disadvantaged youth in America and TESOL teacher in South Korea, Emily Thompson had the world at her feet, but thanks to University of Cumbria found her dream job – in Morecambe.

What is Animal Conservation?

Hi, I'm Ellie. I'm currently studying Animal Conservation in my second year and this is my blog. Enjoy!

“Teaching – it’s the best profession in the world”

Steafan was PE specialist with the Irish Football Association, now he is planning to go back and make a difference in his local schools.

Cheap and Easy Recipe for Student Budgets: Shakshuka

We’ve all been there, the bank statement reads like an average temperature in the Arctic and you hardly have the time or energy to muster up a three-course Sunday roast. But beans on toast…again?

Ultimate Challenge for Sport Rehab Student

The clock’s ticking down to May 10th when Sport Rehabilitation student Joe Morrell pits himself against a challenge few are both mentally and physically capable of contemplating.

Creating digital health services in the real world

We’ve been talking about digital health for quite a few years now, our course is designed to help industry professionals take their place of work into the new world of digital.

Ambleside's Coffee Culture

The days of pub crawls are past, as walkers, scramblers and climbers alike are evolving their post hill traditions to encompass the coffee shop debrief. Whether you’re a ‘neck three before lectures’ kind of drinker, or a ‘sit, sip and relax’ sort of drinker, every caffeine consumer can appreciate a good cuppa when they’re presented with one.

Nick Butters - Lecturer in Musical Theatre: Reflections on a career path

We asked Nicholas Butters BA (Hons), Lecturer in Musical Theatre,some questions about his career and why he chose music as a career.

Course leader for Musical Theatre shares her career journey

Course leader for Musical Theatre at the University Cumbria, Victoria Barbe shares her thoughts on how to get the most out of a musical theatre career.

Meet our Fine Art Tutors

Meet the creatives who teach on the Fine Art Degree.

What can you do with a degree in Animal Conservation?

Student Ellie Weir talks Animal Conservation opportunities in the UK and around the world.

How to to manage a teacher’s workload

Focusing on what teaching techniques are proven to make the most difference to students, and making the best use of teacher time, are the most effective actions to reduce workload. These also go hand-in-hand with encouraging better teaching. So what are some ways this can be achieved?

How to Choose a University

Amy here, a 1st year Outdoor Leadership student. In relation to choosing a university I can only draw from personal and peer experiences, therefore I will probably be a little biased towards my own (brilliant) course. Nevertheless, I will endeavour to impart practical, honest and mostly relevant advice that will help you compare universities and courses.

Dr. Jez Colclough Programme Leader BA Acting

We asked Jez to tell us more about his background and what inspire him to become an Acting Lecturer.

Thoughts on a career in music by Jonathan Millican, Senior Lecturer in Singing and Community Liaison

Senior Lecturer in Singing and Community Liaison, Jonathan Millican, tells us nougats of wisdom if you are thinking about a career in music.

Performing Arts programme leader worked with Ed Sheeran

John Pearson Performing Arts Programme Leader has had a varied career, he has been able to continue to practice his passion for music alongside his lecturing career.

'Never lose sight of your own dance goals'.

I first went to ballroom dance classes with my twin sister at the age of 7, l loved them, she hated them – so we went swimming instead. When I eventually chose dance 7 years later as one of my GCSE’s I had no experience just enthusiasm but became smitten with making up dances. That's when my love of choreography began.

It is never too late to start training in Dance.

Stevie Prickett, Senior Lecturer in Dance and Physical Theatre It is never too late to start training in Dance, if you have a passion go for it!

Postgraduate study at the University of Cumbria

Whatever your passion is, studying a postgraduate course at the University of Cumbria is a fantastic way to open up new opportunities and help you to achieve your goals.

5 ways to make the most of your Applicant Visit Day

Coming to university is a big decision, so it's important to make sure you've got all your questions covered, that's why an applicant visit day can be really useful.

Who are the photography lecturers.

The photography lecturers calibre is hard to beat, they are all practising artists in their own right and bring their knowledge of the industry and creative skills to the students doing photography degree courses at the Institute of the Arts.

Who are the Primary Education Tutors

Meet the Primary Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) Tutors, find out where they studied, what motivates them to teach on the PGCE and what their personal hobbies are.

Cranston's found their perfect Intern from the Institute of the Arts

Cranstons Butchers Ltd have recently been working with intern Rachel Stewart, who is studying a BA Graphic Design at the Institute of the Arts. We asked Jane Silburn, Head of Marketing and Retail Development at Cranstons why they decided on an intern and what the intern bought to the company.

University of Cumbria Excels in Student Opinion Survey

Student happiness is always a high priority for all universities, but particularly the University of Cumbria. The reason is self-evident - happier students are more engaged and more inclined to find their time in university fulfilling and useful.

Replying to your UCAS offer

We've put together a guide UCAS offers and how to reply to them so you find the right university place for you.

Meet the Institute of Education Lecturers

Find out who will be teaching you on the Education degrees, how they got to where they are today and what advice they would give to their younger self.

Funding available for teaching degrees

Teaching bursaries and finance support If you're thinking about a career in teaching, you'll probably be checking out all the different routes into the profession and looking at different courses. One of your considerations will have to be how you pay for your course, your accommodation and other expenses while you are studying.

Student and Parent Concerns – Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

The student support team at University of Cumbria come across a wide range of similar questions and concerns every year – from potential students and their parents or guardians.

How do I get an agent as a performing arts graduate

The Graduate Showcase is a performance experience designed for soon to be graduating third year actors.

Do microbes matter in climate change?

Microbes are single-celled organisms such as bacteria, protozoa and unicellular algae. They can be found in all sorts of environments. To date, the vast majority of microbes is still unknown.

'Filling' Anxious at the Dentist's Cell Regrowth For a New Smile

Some people are afraid to visit the dentist 1. For them, visits to the dentist are associated with feelings of anxiety of having to open their mouths for a relative stranger to examine and worse, use what looks like a sharp instrument to drill holes into their teeth.

11 Reasons Why You Should Become a Teacher

From great job and career prospects to the power to inspire a whole generation, there are very few careers in the world that offer the personal pride, reward and satisfaction teaching can offer. In this article, we explore eleven reasons why you should consider becoming a teacher.

Matt's Story

Growing up, I didn’t really see myself as an academic. My secondary grades weren’t great, nobody in my family had attended university in the past and it was difficult to get to where I am today.

Professional Skills Tests Scrapped For 2020

After almost seven years of controversy, Nick Gibb, The Minister of State for School Standards, announced that QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) Professional Skills Tests will be scrapped for the academic year starting in 2020. Here is why the Institute of Education here at the University of Cumbria believes this is great news for prospective students considering teaching.

4 Steps to Help You Take Control of Clearing

Waiting for exam results can be stressful and generate a lot of anxiety, but there are things you can do right now to ease some of the anxiety and be a step ahead when it comes to Clearing 2020.

6 hobbies and interests fit for a career in policing

In our digital age, many things have changed. More and more people are able to work remotely, from anywhere around the world, our interactions with those we love and work with can be over multiple platforms from Facebook to Skype.

Clearing Hotline 2019 Opens Next Thursday

The University of Cumbria opens its Clearing hotline on Thursday 15th August to support students as they receive their A-level results. 

5 ways to make the most of Open Days

Coming to university is a big decision, so it's important to make sure you've got all your questions covered, that's why an Open Day can be really useful.

5 Top Tips for Approaching Psychology During Clearing

Clearing can be a daunting prospect for anyone, whether your grades were above or below expectations, whether you have had a change of heart or a spark of inspiration. There is time and opportunity for you to research and react.

Top 3 Places to Eat, Drink and Visit Near our Campuses

You’re considering moving to one of our campuses and you’re faced with the burning question, what will I do when I’m not in lectures? To help you figure that out we have compiled our top 3 places to eat, drink and visit when living in Lancaster, Carlisle or Ambleside.

Dare to make a difference in health

If you’re looking to make a difference, then choosing a profession that helps others could be the one for you. We have a range of courses that prepare you for highly fulfilling careers in a number a health professions. 

Law: 1st in the North West and in the Top 10 Nationally according to the Guardian League Tables

Law: 1st in the North West and in the Top 10 Nationally according to the Guardian League Tables

Media Arts and Performing Arts at the University of Cumbria

From wildlife media, game design and film & TV to acting, dance, musical theatre and performing arts - here is why you should study arts at the University of Cumbria.

University of Cumbria Myth buster - You can still gain a degree without the right grades

What did you dream of becoming when you were younger? A singer or a race-car driver? Or maybe a lawyer, police officer or filmmaker? If you didn’t get the grades you wanted in high school or college, it’s highly likely that you may have settled for a career that wasn’t your first choice. What you may not realise, is that you really can achieve your career goals if you follow an alternative study

Fighting back to fitness: The difference between Sports Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy

Everyone suffers an injury or reoccurring physical issue at some point in life, however this can be the start of the confusion as you decide on whether you need a Physiotherapist or Sports Rehabilitator.

What Art Courses Can Offer Your Career

If you have a natural talent for the arts or a love and interest in drawing, painting, photography, writing, performing, filming and design, chances are you have been told that you could not make a career out of it. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

The perfect career as a Learning Disability Nurse

Diverse nursing roles can steer you far from the vision of a nurse in uniform caring for patients at their bedside within a Hospital setting. Graduate Shaheen Ratansi tells her story of the journey she has taken to find her perfect degree, starting a career in a supportive and empowering role as a Learning Disability Nurse.

Looking for a rewarding career where you can make a real difference? Retrain to Teach


Avoiding organisational burnout whilst increasing your profits: through balancing leadership and management

One very successful CEO said to me that every now and then he enters his office, shuts the door, drops the blind and does nothing all day and then goes home.

University of Cumbria: Winter Graduation 2019, 26/27/28 November

Graduation is a truly remarkable experience for everyone at the University of Cumbria, including our graduating students, their loved ones, academic staff and our business partners. Offering a chance to recognise the achievements of our students and wish them every success as they begin the next chapter of their careers.

Collaborating towards a multicultural Cumbria

The University of Cumbria has been working with Multicultural Cumbria for a number of years to raise awareness of the range of nationalities within the county. The partnership has strengthened as Multicultural Cumbria has found a home at the university’s campus in Fusehill Street, on the edge of Carlisle city centre.

How to turn your passion for sports into a career

Our Senior Lecturer, Stephen Rowell, talks about his experience working as a Sports Physiotherapist in Rugby League and Union after a career in the NHS and how his passion for sports drives him in his career.

Top 5 tips to get into Social Work

Deciding to train in a new profession can be daunting. Whether it is your first job, a career change or a logical next step, it can be difficult to know if you're making the best decision. To help you decide if Social Work is right for you, our Principal Lecturer Jim Greer gives his top tips on getting into Social Work.

Everything you need to know about becoming a Paramedic

Paramedics have a highly responsible role, regularly being the senior ambulance service healthcare professional in a range of emergency and non-emergency situations. Paramedics are often the first healthcare professional on the scene to aid and assist patients when they are in their most vulnerable need of care provision.

A conversation with Katie-Walker Small

We sat down for a quick interview with Lecturer Katie Katie-Walker Small about her role here at The University of Cumbria. She discusses her journey in the sporting world and the highlights of her academic year.

How a Degree Apprenticeship in Project Management gave me the confidence to progress

We sat down with project management student Katie Powell, to find out more about her time at the University of Cumbria.

Top 5 Reasons you should choose a Degree Apprenticeship

University or employment? Deciding which option is the best for you can be a huge challenge. Traditionally you had to make a choice between gaining a degree versus entering the world of work. Fast forward to 2020 and you now have a third option, the Degree Apprenticeship.

Leadership at the heart of the new Institute of Business, Industry and Leadership

Dr Steve Gibbs, Senior Lecturer in Leadership at the University of Cumbria discusses how a focus on leadership will help drive regional success through the University's new Institute of Business, Industry and Leadership.

Meet the Artist: Natalie Boyne - Film & TV

Supporting Mossburn Community Farm Through Film & TV

“Studying International Management - I did not expect to fall in love with Sustainability.”

Hi – I’m Simona, studying an MSc in International Management at the University of Cumbria in Lancaster.

How to develop shrewd senior leaders who will address Northern Britain’s productivity challenge

ONCE UPON A TIME an organisation had supercharged leadership, new buildings, expanded vision, ‘wrong people’ fired, ‘right people’ hired, but, the toilets did not get cleaned.

Student study guide: Finding a happy balance during the lockdown

We have gathered tips and advice from lecturers and students across all our Institutes to help you stay positive and productive during the lockdown.

Life as an International Student in Cumbria, UK

We spoke to current student Nicole, who moved to the UK from South Africa to study BA (Hons) Fine Art at our Brampton Road campus, on how she is finding life at Cumbria and why she chose to come to the UK. Nicole even shares her advice if you are an international student needing information on visas.

Celebrating British Springtime and Easter

Spring-time greetings from the University of Cumbria! It’s April and Spring is all around us: we have moved our clocks forward into British Summertime (BST), the days are getting longer, lambs, rabbits and chicks are being born, flowers are starting to bloom and we are approaching Easter.

Keeping Healthy with our Sports Community at Cumbria

Our final-year sport, coaching and physical education students and their lecturers are working together to create a series of videos featuring games, activities and tips to inspire themselves and the community to stay healthy during the lockdown.

A 21-point starter list for maintaining your business during Covid-19 crisis

These are immensely challenging days with enormous pressures on everyone. Our thoughts are with you in the weeks and months ahead. We have been giving some initial thought to what are useful tactical and strategic pointers for businesses and organisations who are undertaking priority setting.

Weaponising and Welfare, COVID:19 – A View from the blue line

There have been real changes to people’s lives during COVID:19, not least to those who are considered key workers.

LGBTQ+ identity and Intimate Partner Violence

Intimate partner violence (or IPV) is an important issue and the effects of being a victim/survivor of this type of abuse can be severe and long-lasting. In this article, Philippa Laskey – Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Cumbria, discusses her PhD research focusing on IPV victimization experiences across the LGBTQ+ community.

Commencing Study If You Deferred a Year: Why 2021 Is the Perfect Year to Study

If you have deferred in 2020 and are commencing study this September, or if you deferred to 2022 but had a change in circumstance and want to start your course in 2021, here is everything you need to know.

Student Story: How and Why I Changed Career to Becoming a Teacher

"I have always wanted to work with young children and after having been turned down for a number of teaching assistant positions over the years I thought I would grab the bull by the horns and go for my PGCE, and I am really glad I have."

Wildlife Watching from Your Garden or Window

The UK is home to amazing wildlife and during spring and summer, it's the perfect time to spot it without even leaving your garden, balcony, patio or window.

Student Story: From China to Cumbria

We spoke to recent graduate Li Zhen on his experience studying for his BA Hons Top-Up International Business and Communications and life at the University of Cumbria. He shares his student experience below.

What is psychology and which careers can it lead to?

Interest in psychology, the study of mind and behaviour has grown significantly in the last 15 years. Psychology is now one of the most popular degree choices with over 100 000 students applying to study it each year in the UK.

13 Things our students do in the Windermere peaks that are so much better than crying

Our beautiful homeland has received a very special mention by a certain popstar this week. None other than Taylor Swift has talked about “The Lakes” in her new album “Folklore”!

How can creative writing help individuals struggling with their mental health?

Each year for National Poetry Day, third-year mental health nursing students explore the use of creative writing, in particular poetry, as an alternative medium for mental health nurses to consider using with clients in clinical practice.

Psychology Research in Focus

Our Psychology department is home to a number of lecturers and students who are actively researching and contributing to the development of leading research within the field of Psychology. This blog will be updated frequently to introduce the different topics that are being researched within the team.

Meet our Institute of Health Lecturers

Our Institute of Health is a community of expert lecturers who have years of experience working within health, social care and sport. Our lecturers share their expert knowledge with our students and some take an active role in producing leading research alongside teaching. This blog will provide a profile of one of our lecturers each month to show their role within our Institute of Health.

How to apply to University in 4 simple steps

We are amongst the best in the UK and top in the North West for employment or further education after graduation (HESA 2020)

How to Choose a University: Checklist

You will need to be confident in your decision and positive that you've made the right decision for you. Will the university you are considering live up to expectations as well as deliver the knowledge and support you need to succeed.

How to Write a Personal Statement For University & Give a Great Interview

A personal statement forms part of your university application. It is your chance to tell a university who you are, why you’re interested in your chosen subject, and what your hopes are for the future. You’re passionate about what you want to study, right? So this is your opportunity to show that and explain how your existing experiences and interests demonstrate this passion.

What do learning disability nurses do?

Learning disability nurses work in a wide range of environments, including community nursing, forensic, secure or residential settings and hospices. This blog will explore what learning disabilities nurses do in their role and the impact they have on the lives of others.

LGBTQ+ Allyship - Lee McDermott

As the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Officer at UoC, one thing that is never lost on me is that I identify as a cis, white, Christian, non-disabled, straight male...

LGBTQ+ Allyship - Ali Richards

Being an Ally of the LGBTQ community

Reconnecting with your local patch – appreciating the little things in nature

These are certainly unprecedented times, for the first time in generations we are resigned to staying within our own dwellings avoiding social contact and unnecessary travel.

Combatting Climate Change

Andrew Weatherall is the leader of Working Group 1 - Approaches and Definitions of Climate Smart Forestry (CSF) in and EU COST Action, Climate Smart Forestry in Mountain Regions (CLIMO).

How we make a difference in our local communities

Many of our students choose to study within our Institute of Health because they want to make a real difference to the lives of others. Lecturer Karen Lockney talks here about the real impact and changes students and staff members have made to their local communities.

Inspirational Women: A Q&A with women of the University of Cumbria

To celebrate International Women’s Day and inspire the girls and women of Cumbria, we have reached out to our wonderful academic team to hear a few of the inspirational stories that make the University of Cumbria the thriving, supportive community that it is. From women who were told their potential was limited or had to overcome barriers to achieve professional success, our message to you today is that it’s possible and you can do it. Happy International Women’s Day!

Sport Injury Screening Exercises

Sports Rehabilitation is applicable in a wide range of environments. In this short injury screening video, Sport Rehabilitation lecturer Dr Katie Walker-Small demonstrates some easy exercises that you can follow and do at home.

5 ways you’ll be prepared for your future career with our Health and Social Care Integrated Foundation Year

If you're interested in getting into a career in Health and Social Care then our integrated foundation year route can provide the stepping stone you need to get into higher education and reach your goals. Read below to find out 5 ways our course will prepare you for your ideal future Health or Social Care career.

Occupational Therapy student placements: The Student's View

Going on placement is an exciting aspect of training to become an Occupational Therapist, find out from our students what they thought of their placements and where they completed them.

How to write a good personal statement for a degree in Psychology

Write a brilliant personal statement to support your psychology degree application for university with top tips from our expert lecturers.

Get out and about in Ambleside

Known as ‘the jewel in Lakeland’s crown’, Ambleside is a perfect blend of wild countryside and cosy comforts, with lots to offer in the way of entertainment. Whether you love an active day exploring nature, nights out with your friends, or a relaxing spa day with dinner and a movie, you’ll have so much to choose from here.

Get active at our Ambleside campus

Ambleside's stunning setting and active community makes this the perfect place for fitness-focused students.

Get involved in Ambleside's cultural landscape

When studying at a University like ours, there's plenty of opportunities to get involved in the local community, as a volunteer, through work, or just by experiencing the rich culture our Lake District locations have to offer.

Accepting your clearing place

You’ve got an offer from us and September is calling. Here are the next 5 steps you need to take to secure your place.

Get out and about in London

There's never a dull moment when studying at our London campus. Based in the heart of East London near the iconic Canary Wharf, the surrounding community and city connections mean you will never run out of places to eat, shops to browse, and live events to lose yourself in.

Get active in London

Whether your idea of fitness is an intense gym session, competitive sports, or a scenic stroll in the park, there are plenty of ways to stay fit in and around East London.

Get involved in London's culture

Don’t let your time with the University of Cumbria pass you by without seeing all the cultural gems and seasonal events the city has to offer!

Get out and about in Lancaster

Our beautiful, historic city sits on the River Lune, just a few miles from the West Coast of England. Whether you’re into history, arts, socialising, or keeping fit – we have it all here in Lancaster.

Get active in Lancaster

Our beautiful, historic city sits on the River Lune, just a few miles from the West Coast of England. Whether you’re into history, arts, socialising, or keeping fit – we have it all here in Lancaster.

Get involved in Lancaster's culture

Our beautiful, historic city sits on the River Lune, just a few miles from the West Coast of England. Whether you’re into history, arts, socialising or keeping fit – we have it all here in Lancaster.

Get out and about in Carlisle

With two different campuses in the beautiful and historic city of Carlisle, University of Cumbria students and visitors have plenty to see and do.

Get active in Carlisle

With two different campuses in the beautiful and historic city of Carlisle, University of Cumbria students and visitors have plenty to see and do.

Get involved in Carlisle's culture

With two different campuses in the beautiful and historic city of Carlisle, University of Cumbria students and visitors have plenty to see and do.

Clearing Hotline 2021 Now Open

The University of Cumbria opens its Clearing hotline at 8:30am on Tuesday 10th August to support students on the BTEC and A-level results day.

How can Universities be More Sustainable? Five Ways UoC is Protecting the Planet

We’re lucky to host campuses in some of the greenest settings in the UK - including the only UK campus within a UNESCO World Heritage Site. But, at the University of Cumbria, our sites aren’t the only thing that’s green.

Meet your Students’ Union: Who We Are and What We Do

A huge part of the student experience at Cumbria comes from the Students' Union. From events to societies, to your welfare and academic support, our UCSU have got it covered.

What is experiential learning?

Experiential Learning was once called ‘Learning by Doing’, becoming well-known from the work of David Kolb in 1984 and his Experiential Learning Cycle Theory.