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An Experiential Introduction to Hanna Somatic Education

Sports Centre Seminar Room, CA1 2HH Carlisle - Fusehill Street


An experiential session which will enable you to understand how Hanna Somatic can benefit you and the people you work with.

"Five years ago I could not get up out of bed in the morning or stand and walk from sitting to go upstairs, without excruciating back pain. I was diagnosed with degeneration of my spine and advised to have steroid injections and not go fell walking any more."~Karen Douglas de Fenzi

Today Karen Douglas de Fenzi walks the Cumbrian Fells like a mountain goat and is leading a normal life, due to her practice of Hanna Somatic Movements.

In this seminar Karen gives a short initial interactive presentation of the research, theory and practice surrounding Hanna Somatic Education. She then verbally guides you through three of the seven specific movements, practiced

slowly, so you release yourself from neuromuscular constraints that inhibit your freedom to move, think and respond to stresses and traumas in life.

Through this brief experience of Hanna Somatic Movement, you are invited to;

Karen Douglas de Fenzi is a Cumbria-based Hanna Somatic Educator, having qualified at The Novato Institute for Hanna Somatic Education, in California, earlier this year.

This workshop is designed for:

Specific, Karen is looking for UK academics and professionals who want to understand the value of Hanna Somatic Education and progress formal, peer-reviewed research in how it directly enables individuals to free themselves from neurophysiological and psychological constraint. We hope you can join us for this session.

To attend the conference please sign up below – the sessions are limited to 12 people each on a first come first served basis:

This seminar is run in collaboration with the Centre of Research in Health and Society and UoC Active.

Sports Centre Seminar Room, CA1 2HH Carlisle - Fusehill Street